My first post..

Posted: June 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

Prompted by my younger brother, I have finally hit the blog button, and here I am, putting up my first post.

Not knowing what my topics will be each time, I have named the blog “Random Musings”, which in other words, gives me the right to go anywhere I please.

Like how glad I am that they have Tusshar Kapoor in the lead role in the Gaayab. I understand that its a film about an invisible man, and our man, Tusshar plays that lead role. The less we see him on screen the better..!

And I would believe that he gets his acting skills as a heritage from his father, Jeetendra. The father could not act and neither can the son.

I cannot forget the master film reviewer, Khalid Mohammed’s comment about Jeetendra in one of his reviews, where he said, “Jeetendra delivers dialogues like a postman delivers letters”!!

Having said what I said about their acting talents, I must take my hats off to their business acumen. What a great success they have with Balaji Telefilms. Whether we like it or not, their serials have got people glued to the idiot box. Ekta Kapoor has figured out what today’s market needs and she is delivering it unfailingly, one serial after another. These are not the times when a Hum Log or a Buniyad, or even a Ramayana or a Mahabharat would work. I guess the market today wants the KKusums and the Kyunkis, and she delivers them! Unilke the erstwhile predecessors (Hum Log, Buniyad, etc.), Ekta fights in a much more competitive world, where viewers have choice of 85 channels, and at least 4 other channels where similar programming can be found. And yet she notches up the top TRPs, week after week..

So much for now.. not in my wildest dreams would I have believed that my first blog would be about Jeetendra and his family members.. 🙂

Watch out for more.. !

  1. RPM says:

    Good stuff…great start! Can’t believe you are talking about Jeetu bhai like that. Jumping Jack may be offended when you talk about his dialog delivery that way 😉

  2. ppov says:

    Ektaa is one star daughter bigger than the star. …a marketing genius tapped . 85 channels but still no match for her soaps….consistently, continuosly churning out one hit after another….and most of them continuing to be hits.

    Didn’t think that the daughter of a jumping jack could have pulse of the nation under her control..

    Well but this smart young producer is no angel…supposed to be ruthless, pety, arrogant and quite a dictator.

    And her serials…they’re quite regressive….potrayal of women is pathetic…either the super perfect bahus or the wicked evil manipulative bitches.

    Lets just hope the jassis of india give ekta and her k’s a good fight!

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