Kal Ho Na Ho..

Posted: June 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

The 12th floor ICU where my mother spent 15 days, after her heart attack on Feb 14, 2004, had a waiting area, and from the windows of which, we could see down on the street below. The most prominent structure visible below, was the Liberty Cinema, and as we all waited there for hours on, day after day, I could not but wonder about the relevance of the film that was playing there at that time, “Kal Ho Na Ho”. Until the day that she was discharged and we came home, as I watched the posters on that theatre, I had the lurking fear, “Kal Ho Na Ho..”.

Mom did battle out that predicament that faced her, and she is home recovering well, touch wood.

But as I review the complete course of events as they transpired, I have to believe that God wanted her to live on, very certainly. There were so many incidents where the timing went in her favour.

Starting from the time that the problem happened.. it was early in the morning, like around 6 am or so. We were all at home and could rush to her side. And then take her to the hospital. There was so much relevance to the quick treatment that she got, that one cannot underestimate the importance of having been there and having got her to the hospital so quickly.

At that hospital, she was put on some drugs, and then the cardiologist advised that nothing more could be done for now, except wait and watch, and he started to leave, and headed for his car. Just then, the nurse from the ICU went running after him, and caught him, almost as he was about to sit in his car. He rushed up to realise that there had been a cardiac failure. He was able to revive her quickly, but if he had left, it would not have been possible for anyone else who was present there, to do what he did. She could have been revived with anaesthetic process later on, but if time had gone by in doing so, it would have damaged her brain by that time. The timing was just too perfect.

After her angioplasty, she was in the ICU for few days. Once they felt confident, she was moved out of the ICU and into a room in the hospital. She was due to be discharged in a day or two thereafter. The concerned cardiologist, in whom she had developed complete faith, was to go out of the country for a couple of weeks, but a week later. Just at that time, a problem was identified, that of accumulation of liquid in her lungs. She was moved back to the ICU and put on special treatment. She came out of that problem in the next 3-4 days, and then after 1-2 days, she was able to leave the hospital and return home.

The timing factor? Well, she could have reached home and then developed the problem. It would have been disastrous to rush back to the hospital!

The problem could have happened after the cardiologist had already left for going abroad. Getting to a new doctor with a complication would have also caused tremendous stress to all of us, and most of all, to my mother. In fact, the complication came and went, in the presence and under the guidance of the cardiologist whom she had complete faith in!

Indeed, while I worried about whether ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, God willed that ‘Kal Zaroor Ho.. ‘

  1. RPM says:

    Since I was not there personally, obviously the impact on me was much lesser, given that the information given to me was quite filtered. But now that I read this, and after having heard the real, uncensored version of the fact, I see how close we can come to the end, but if it is not written in our destiny, we will survive.

    On the other hand, if it is meant to end, even a normal life can end in no time.

    There is not much you can do except live in the present, live each day as if it is your last and make the most of what you’ve got and forget about the ifs and buts.

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