Satyanarayan Puja

Posted: July 11, 2004 in Uncategorized

From last 2-3 years, we have made it a practise to have an annual puja at the office. A Satyanarayan puja. For this year, we had it yesterday, 10th July.

It is a nice tradition that we have kept up now, although in other terms, I am not one to follow too many relgious procedures or practises. I mean, I am a complete believer in Him, a certain super force out there. But for me, my acknowledgement of Him, and my obeisance to Him, is in the form of a daily prayer, even if it is mouthed within myself, while driving the car (in case I missed doing so at home before leaving), and more importantly, in living as true a life as possible. Essentially, having a clear conscience.

Still this annual Satyanarayan Puja has become a nice tradition for me.

It conveys to our employees that we are indeed believers, as I am sure that amongst them, there are few who must be far more religion oriented than we are. To give them a message that we are also with them, in terms of acknowledging God and thanking him, praying to him, with proper ritual, is a good thing.

Secondly, from an overall mental perspective, it feels good – that in a way, we have taken this specific extra effort to stop work and remember God, and request his blessings.

Further, as a part of this tradition, it has also become that one day in the year, when my parents, my kids and wife, as also, my partner’s family, all visit the office. It is with their wholehearted support that we have been able to start and run this business, and to have at least this one day of the year, when they visit our office, is very heartwarming.

Yesterday’s Puja, like earlier ones, went on for about 2-3 hours. While we were expected to focus and concentrate on what the priest was telling us, and focus of God, on prayer, etc., my mind did stray. As I put those hundreds of Tulsi leaves, one at a time, in offering to Satyanarayan, I realised that it was coincidentally, an important day in the life of few loved ones as well. And I chose the occasion to also pray to God on their behalf.

My brother and bhabhi, who were celebrating their anniversary, that day. I prayed for them, and for their happiness in marriage.

My good friend, who was getting installed as President of my Rotary Club, the same evening. A very sincere, very true person, who is so dedicated to the Rotary cause. He has already put so much effort before he starts his year. And this was the day when he was getting formally installed in presence of all other members and spouses, in front of the Rotary District Governor and other dignitaries, and most importantly, in front of his close friends, family and mother. A really important day in his life. And as I thought about him, I prayed for a very successful year for him, as Rotary President.

Wife of one of my doctor friends (well, the wife is also a friend, of course!), who was celebrating her birthday. I remembered her and prayed for a healthy and happy year for her.

And I felt good about doing this. That I could remember them as I prayed, and I could pray on their behalf.. felt good. I am glad we do the Puja every year.. I am glad we did it yesterday..

  1. RPM says:

    Thanks a lot big brother for praying for us. Good timing to have the puja 🙂

  2. Mosher says:

    A beautiful tradition of which I had no knowledge until I read your article.

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