Few films that I saw recently..

Posted: October 22, 2004 in Uncategorized

Last couple of weeks were my ‘make-up’ weeks to catch up on films. Thats what happens with me usually. I don’t see any film at all, for several weeks, and then as it were, there is a sudden deluge and large number of films are seen in quick time.

So I happened to see The Terminal, Collateral, Bride and Prejudice, and F 9/11.

Here is my take on the hype vs actual feel, on these films.

The Terminal was great fun. A classic. Time and money well spent (to go and see the movie, I mean!). Tom Hanks and Spielberg combine to give a believable look, to an almost unbelievable story. Good humour, extremely good timing, fun all the way.

Collateral on the other hand, was a waste. Beyond a point, there is only so much that you can tolerate. Too repetitive, too few characters, do not quite draw you into the film. Story that is hardly having any substance. Waste..!

Bride and Prejudice, the most hyped up of the lot. Has its moments. Kohli is quite a character in it. Some nice scenes. But beyond that – falls flat. Does not measure up as a good follow up to Bend It Like Beckham, from Chadda. And Aishwarya Rai has of course, done better roles and better films before (HDDCS, Taal, etc. to name a few). View it as standard Bollywood fare, and you are okay – yes, like typical Bollywood films, there is song and dance, there are weddings and a generally festive air, and like most average Bollywood films, there is no depth in the story. If you must see, go with that mindset.. unlike me. I went expecting a great film, from a great film maker who had given us Bend It…, and I was disappointed.

F-9/11 finally released in India, and apparently without any cuts. Why on earth was India considering to make any cuts, or review this carefully at the censors, beats me. After all, the US released the film without much ado, and chances of damage were there, not here in India. Anyway, I am glad that they did release it uncensored. And like audiences in other parts of the world, I was stunned by what I saw. It is indeed a shock to see the shenanigans of the politicians, and you end up feeling all the more, about how as a common man, you know nothing. And about how, those who are in power, put up this huge pretense for you…. A great film, well made, well researched, passionately made, even if the passion is a ‘hate Bush’ passion!

Waiting for Swades, Veer Zaara, Kisna and others in Diwali now…

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