PAGE 3 – A documentary at best!

Posted: February 5, 2005 in Uncategorized

After all the great reviews in the papers and the recommendations from few friends, finally went and saw the film, Page 3. And I was pretty disappointed by it, to say the least.

I mean, what IS there in the film? Some of the descriptions that I can give to the movie:

Life and times of the Rich and the Famous – well, the dirty behind-the-scenes part!

A soap opera with bits of thin story lines – on TV, that is THE formula – as they have to drag the thing on for weeks and months; in a 2-3 hour movie, you do need a complete story, which this film does NOT have.

The most complimentary a description that I can provide for the film is that it is a good documentary about the Page 3 culture. Without bothering about any serious story line, it tells you what happens and how it happens in the hi-society as represented by Page 3 culture! Time was when documentaries were on socially sensitive and more important subjects. Well, in current times and in present day, we get a documentary on Page 3. Fair enough! But that is what the status of this movie should be – not a feature film that it portrays itself to me.

The director had done a wonderful job with ‘Chandni Bar’, where also he had done an expose on one of the malaises of society, namely the exploitation of girls in dance bars, but where he had managed to do it with a great story line woven within. Sadly, in the present case of Page 3, he has not felt it necessary to worry about the story!

Waiting to go and see BLACK now… !

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