Dor – a beautiful film

Posted: October 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

Saw Dor, the latest effort from Nagesh Kukunoor.
And it was a pleasant experience indeed.

A very interesting script, not really a huge plot, etc. But engaging enough, in terms of the interplay between the key players.

Captured the small realities of life in the interiors of our country, that living in cities, we can hardly imagine. I mean, even as we take mobile phones and the like for granted, there is this location in Rajasthan where at a certain location, standing at a particular angle, you can get a mobile signal, and anyone who wants to talk has to go there and do so. I am sure its real, even though we may find it hard to imagine.

So also, in this day and age, when in cities, we see girls taking rapid strides in society, there is a reality of girls living a clearly backward life, in small towns of Rajasthan.

Where the story could have been drab and dull, there is an introduction of the Bahurupiya character to spice it up and make it a little light and relaxed.

The camerawork and the lights across the desert sands of Rajasthan makes for breathtaking view.

Clearly an amazing, thinking director, Nagesh creates a beautiful picture here. I am very impressed by him. I would rate this along with Teen Deewarein and Iqbal, amogst his best films. Yes, he got famous for Hyderabad Blues, and it was a first effort, but it was clearly amateurish, as compared to these three films of his.

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