Whats with these remakes?

Posted: October 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

I have already dwelt at length about the new Sholay that Ram Gopal Verma is making, and why I feel that it will be a non-starter.

Likewise, I am not so thrilled about the other one in the pipeline, Don, either. Whatever I have heard (SRK’s dialogues) or seen (rushes / previews) of Don, do not make for an adequate comparison with the original. Those of us who have seen the earlier one, and remember it frame by frame, are likely to feel disappointed. Very.

If they are aiming for a new audience, who are seeing it like a new film, I don’t know. Maybe it may work for them.

For that matter, I was not very impressed by Devdas either. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of my favourite directors. I am completely in awe of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and also loved Black and Khamoshi, and yet, I believe that he erred with Devdas. It was not a film for our times, and it was thrust down our throats, by excessive marketing.

In case of Devdas though, there was a chance of its success. At least it was less likely to be compared with its previous versions, as those had come many years back. But for Don and Sholay, memory is still fresh for a large part of the audience. So I am afraid that it will be challenging for these to work. And they say that Amar Akbar Anthony is also being remade by Salman Khan and his brothers. Oh brother! Another glorious mistake, if you ask me!

There is a huge market for movies at this time. People are paying good money, lot of filmmakers are raking in the moolah. And yet good, new scripts are not easy to come by. So they are resorting to this remake rehash business. Sorry, I am not impressed!

  1. Velu Nair says:

    I cant say how much i agree with u regarding Devdas being ‘stuffed down our throats’. Have been thinking of it for a long while, but got to see it verbally expressed for the first time here.

  2. SPM says:

    I suspect that directors get attached to an idea and then go after it, no matter what. I think its the same with RGV and his new Sholay. The more that I read about it, the more I ‘feel’ his insecurity. The extent of changes that he keeps doing only goes to show how unsure he is of what will work. Now, Katrina has been replaced by Sushmita. Mehbooba will not have Himesh Reshammiya anymore and instead of Asha Bhonsle, its Sunidhi Chauhan who has sung it. And instead of Basanti, he’s going to have some 3 girls.
    AND all of this is being written about. LONG BEFORE the film is going to be released. Isn’t it going to be a case of viewer fatigue, before the film even releases..?!

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