Nice to see a full game of cricket finally

Posted: October 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

In recent times, whenever there has been a cricket game scheduled for a Sunday or a holiday, its got rained out or something like that.

Today, we had India playing at home, after a long time, and against England, and it was a Sunday, and thankfully, it did not rain, and we had a full game to view.

It was fun. Of course, because India won.
Munaf Patel bowled really well. I do believe he is one of the better players for India. Yet, India remains fascinated about Irfan Pathan. Before the game, all they could talk about in the fast bowling department, was about Pathan. Sure, he is good talent too. But the guy who has come up very well in recent months, who is always a threat to take wickets, who is a genuine wicket taker, is Munaf Patel. And he delivered today too. Bowled a beautiful line and length and kept plugging away. Of course, it was a good day for Pathan as well. So it worked out well, in the end.

From the display today, it is clear that England will not be a threat in the tournament. Whatever happens to India, but England just does not have the talent or the firepower deep enough, to be a threat to anyone.

India did mess up the chase a bit. What should have been a cool and confident chase, turned out to be a little worrisome one. But we emerged victorious finally.

Contrast that with Sri Lanka’s win over West Indies. A ruthless job, both with the ball and the bat. We were in a similar position today, but we did not finish England off so well, after having all top batsmen back in the pavilion. And we also did not get to the small total with fewer wickets and more emphasis!

I guess Sri Lanka is a clear favourite, not just because of this one game, but because of the way they have played over the last few months. Amazing consistency and killer instinct.

Ahh.. serious cricket after a long time!

  1. RPM says:

    Has Sehwag been dropped recently? At least from the XI? He does need to sort some stuff out. His wayward outs are causing some shakiness at the top. Especially with Sachin going strong of late.

    Definitely going to be a problem against the Aussies and before that, even the West Indies.

  2. SPM says:

    Sehwag has not been dropped in recent times. He is being given a long run. They apparently have a ‘role’ identified for him – to give a shock treatment to the opposite team bowlers. And of course, when it works, it works well. Except that its not working most times, these days!

    I guess we need to go for better stability – if he does not have the aptitude for that, replace him. Else ask him to change his tactics.

    Perhaps Dravid to open, and accomodate Mongia or Kaif in the middle order may be a way to go.

    In any case, one of these guys will come in, when we choose to go with 4 bowlers occasionally.

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