Black Friday – good movie, but quite disturbing..

Posted: February 20, 2007 in black friday, blasts, bombay

A film that was made sometime back, but which got a delayed release, on account of the Mumbai blasts court case going on, Black Friday, is a movie that shakes you up. We went for the late night show, starting at 10:30 pm, and any lesser movie may have made me catch a few winks, that late in the day. But my eyes and my attention was glued to the screen in front of me, for the entire duration of the film (well, except for the 5 minutes when the guy behind me, chose to receive a call on his cell, and kept talking for a while, in none too soft a voice!).

The film is actually like a documentary on the Mumbai bomb blasts on 1993 – the before, during and after, related to the incident. Its been captured well. At least for someone like me, who was very familiar with the entire set of incidents, the flow seemed quite perfect and clear. Made for good viewing as a result.

They used the actual character names for the criminals as well as the policemen. The acting was good, and the film showed a very balanced perspective to the whole set of events.

On the one hand, its a very watchable film. But also 14 years after the incident, it still poses those questions, whether we are safe at all, in this city / country / world? Will we ever be??

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