More pleasant surprises

Posted: February 20, 2007 in mumbai, traffic police

I refer to my experiences with government departments and the Internet / email.

Earlier, I have shared my experiences with the weights and measures department and the maximum retail price concept and the BEST organisation.

Spurred by the responses that I got for both of these, where my initial approaches had been made via a simple email, I decided to take up one more department, namely the traffic police, in Mumbai.

And I got a response in two days flat, and it also looks promising. Whether something final and decisive comes out of it or not, I cannot be sure. But the response is encouraging, nonetheless. I reproduce my interaction hereunder:

From: the Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic

Traffic Control Branch has taken note of your suggestions and concerned traffic division has been directed to take necessary action.

Thanking you,

———- Original Message ———————————-
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 14:59:20 -0000

I refer to a recent introduction of a U turn facility, at what was
originally just a pedestrian signal, at Union Park, on the Sion-Trombay
Road, in Chembur. The signal is located a bit away from the lanes going
off the Sion Trombay Road, viz. the Ghatla Village Road. On account of
this, on a very regular basis, there are rickshaws, 3-wheelers and even
cars and tempos, that drive on the wrong side of the road (coming out from
the Ghatla Village Road and desiring to go southwards) to take the turn at
the signal. This happens even while the pedestrian signal is on.
During morning hours, many a times, there is a police constable who
catches such violators. However in practise, these violations keep
happening all day long, as also during the night hours.
It is very hazardous, and can lead to some major accident some day. I
earnestly request you to remove the U turn from that signal, and construct
some barriers at the divider, so that the signal can ONLY be used by
pedestrians, and no one else. Vehicles should be prepared to take a small
drive to the circle that comes up soon after, and take the U turn from
Please do consider this suggestion on priority, before some accident
occurs! Thank you.


Very interesting, isn’t it?

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