Abhi-Ash would be better off without the money

Posted: April 24, 2007 in abishek bacchan, Aishwarya Rai, arun nayyar, hello magazine, liz hurley, photographs, wedding

What a couple of weeks its been for the media in India.
The Abhishek Bacchan – Aishwarya Rai (couple was christened Abhiash, in keeping with the international style, following Brangelina, Tomkat and the likes) wedding captivated the country, or so it seemed. Everywhere you go, you could only see that. TV, newspapers, radio, Internet – they were all talking about this wedding. Huge posse of media crew lined up outside the Bachhan residence for days on end. To catch a glimpse of any celebrity who was coming in or going out. Get that one little sneak picture. Who was being invited, what were they going to wear, etc. etc.

Oh man.. what a nightmare. As if the world has come to a standstill because this wedding is to take place.

And yet, in reality, none of the media could get any interesting pictures or coverage of the actual event. They had to stay satisfied with the stray pics at crazy angles, that they could sneak.

So is there merit in the rumour that the actual event pictures and videos have been sold to some UK media company, for a big price tag? Like Liz Hurley did, for her wedding with Arun Nayyar? She got 5 million pounds from Hello! magazine, for exclusive rights to her wedding pictures.

Why could it have been right for Liz Hurley but is wrong for Abhiash?
First, Liz Hurley, a ‘phirang’ is used to the concept of multiple marriages, and the commercialisation of her wedding means that it was one great moment of her life, but not THE BIG ONE! It could easily have been the premiere of some exciting film, for her, as it was her own wedding. I suspect, the entire drama of doing an Indian palace wedding, getting her guests flown in, etc. was to make the Hello! coverage that much more interesting. Like she might be accustomed on a movie set.

So it was fine with her.

As regards Abhiash, it appears that they were a lot more concerned about the success of their marriage, both having come from broken engagements or relationships. Both being mangliks, etc. It appeared that they did several pujas, and visited many pilgrimage locations, just to pray for their marriage. And they also visited Tirupathi, soon after the wedding.

That being the case, would they reduce the event to a commercial proposition and put it out to the public, for money? By signing off the rights to the pictures and video? Would that not amount to belittling the ritual? Would it possibly cast an evil eye on them, if that happens??

Considering that they have gone through a lot of prayers for the success of their marriage, I would hope that they let the temptation of commercialising their wedding, pass. They have so much going for them, I am sure they will earn back much more.

For now, enjoy the marriage, the honeymoon, etc.. !

  1. USC Trojan says:

    While it may seem it is for the money, I think it may only be to keep the evil eye out and not let random mobile phone-camera holder to get pictures and publish them all over the internet.

    The Bacchan family seems to be quite devout, what with all the pujas and stuff before and the visit to Tirupati right after the wedding.

  2. SPM says:

    Yes, that is the whole point.
    That instead of putting a price to the rituals and making money off it, they can release a set of official pictures or videos to the media, whoever want it, but for free?!

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