A day at the multiplex

Posted: September 23, 2007 in bourne ultimatum, dhol, loins of punjab, manorama, marathon, movies

The title of this post reminds me of early essays that we used to write in school. “A day at the zoo” or “A Visit to the Fire Station”, etc.

Well, this is not such an essay to explain the details of a multiplex. Rather it is about a new personal record that I set today.

I saw an amazing FOUR movies, back-to-back, today. The most that I have seen on the trot before today, was three. Even in that case, there was a break in between. But today, we virtually saw 4 movies, one after another. In fact, three of them were in the same screen at the multiplex – one got over, and the next one started..

Saw Dhol, first in a 10:45 am show, followed by Loins of Punjab at 1:30 pm, then Manorama Six Feet Under at 3:15 pm, and finally The Bourne Ultimatum at 6 pm. I was afraid that I might have eyes strain or even a headache. But neither happened. In fact, the day went off well. I enjoyed all the 4 movies, some more than others.

Each time one goes to multiplexes, and sees more and more and newer and newer food and drink counters come up, one is tempted to try many things, but how many can you have in a single movie. But today, over the day, we were able to try a few different things too!

I had not seen a movie for a few weeks now, and I have been finding it difficult to do, in the course of the week. And this weekend, there were many new releases and all of them got decent reviews. And so this marathon was inspired!!

Had good fun..

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