An explosion of self expression!

Posted: November 30, 2008 in india, mumbai blasts Nov 2008
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Yes, we live in a Web 2.0 world. A world where you blog, where you put your Facebook updates, where you let the world at large know what you feel. But till date, we had only trivial things to share.

The Mumbai terrorism attacks have generated so much anger amongst Mumbaikars, amongst Indians all over the country, and amongst Indians in any part of the world (not to speak of non-Indians, who have equally been staggered by this new form of terrorism), that its been a barrage of outbursts.

Everybody wants to do something. Or wants someone to do something. Everyone has an opinion to offer.

Blogs, Youtube videos, SMSes, MMSes, are coming out a plenty.

Those who never updated status on Facebook have started doing so, giving their piece of mind. Those who were updating are firing updates by the hour. Mumbai was trending on Twitter and has continued to do so. At a time, 8-10 tweets a second were happening, on #mumbai.

I also make a few points of my own at this time. Following this are a few posts related to these times of terror.

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