Mumbaikars will not pay taxes!

Posted: December 1, 2008 in india, mumbai blasts Nov 2008, politics

A quick and immediate protest that Mumbaikars can go for, is to make an income tax contribution of Re 1/- as advance tax, in December!

A token payment that is a slap on the face of the government, to protest against the betrayal of the city’s taxpayers. For the government’s apathy towards the city, for their inability to protect us.

Let’s spread this message. ALL tax paying Mumbaikars must pay only Re 1/- this December. The empty coffers of the Income tax will let the country know the real value of Mumbai’s contributions to the exchequer.

  1. Joe says:


    Are you launching a revolution a la a Mumbai Tea Party?
    I hear your frustration and anger, loud and clear.

  2. wisdominhindsight says:

    Hoping for a viral effect of the kind that occured at the Boston Tea Party.. yes! Of course, like ALL Mumbaikars, and all Indians in fact, I am angry!!

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