Terror? Is it inevitable and are we helpless?

Posted: December 1, 2008 in mumbai blasts Nov 2008

While we have all been angry and upset, and have poured out our anger against the politicians and the powerful, we have also been hearing from various experts, the challenges of combatting terrorism.

The long coastline, the large number of porous boundaries that the city has, the big gap between the arms that our police carry and those which the terrorists have access to, the fact that sympathisers for some terrorists’ causes exist within our own country, that we have vote bank politics and due to which reason we have allowed safe passage to people coming in from Bangladesh and elsewhere, etc are pointers to reasons why the challenge of terrorism is a very tough one to face.

Do we conclude that its not possible to quell it? That come what may, we may remain vulnerable to a terrorist attack? A return to the “good old days” might as well be accepted to be as much of a possibility, as it is to have paradise on earth now!

So how do we cope with this reality of life?

Well, we have to start counting the number of sudden-death situations in life, and add terrorist attack to that list.

So we now have cancer, heart attack, stroke, road accident,.. and “Terrorist deaths”. One could be hale and hearty and yet be vulnerable to any of these.

Yes, it’s sad to come to such a conclusion. But really, do YOU feel safe? Do you feel that you cannot be a victim of terrorism? It’s clear now that terrorism can hit anywhere and at any time.

It will require a new world order to emerge to put this threat away, and I do not see that as being realistic. So until then, we have no choice but to accept this reality – cancer, heart attack, stroke, road accident, air accident….. , terror strikes!!

  1. ROHAN says:

    ya we are not safe..untlii we have these corrupterd brutal politics in our country…who are making use of incidence to their votes…india need answre from them who are accontable and thi time it takes time to resiliance of mumbai……..

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