Sanjay Dutt as MP? Shocking!!

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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It is rightly said that people get the governments that they deserve.

It has to be our complete lack of interest, as citizens, in the political landscape, that we get elected representatives who are thugs, murderers, defaulters, fraudsters. And they sit in Lok Sabha and decide our future.

Because we could not care more, we keep getting such representatives, and then we complain about our dear country.

A case in point at this time, is the proposal by the Samajwadi Party to have Sanjay Dutt as their candidate for Lok Sabha from Lucknow!

Yeah, the Munnabhai who was also Khalnayak.

The celebrity star who has gone to jail because he was found to be carrying AK-47 at his home, post Mumbai riots. The same person who had a long drug problem. He who has had confirmed connections with dreaded mafia dons.

Yes, he has been celebrated as the candidate for Samajwadi Party. And the SP have won a battle of sorts, as in fact, the Congress was also after Sanjay Dutt, to have him represent the party as MP. After all, his father and his sister have been Congress MPs earlier.

What has our country come to? Can’t we find a better candidate in our teeming millions?? It is shockingly horrifying.

The cases pending against him, and I believe he is part of the long list of accused in the 1993 Mumbai riots cases, will be all forgotten. He will get a state pardon, and if his next Munnabhai film becomes a bigger hit, and if the SP is a part of the government then, we may even see Sanjay Dutt as the next I&B Minister!!

Where do we go from here??

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