Who is buying the Satyam shares?

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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When I wrote yesterday about the Satyam saga being potentially motivated by an acquirer, there was a reaction that who would want to buy a tainted Satyam? In fact a friend asked me in so many words, on Twitter, and I had responded that it could potentially even be Reliance-ADAG group, who have been working towards setting up their own software company!

Well, the same thought is pursued by the media, once again a day after I speculated about the same! The Times of India writes today, that the Satyam shares might be purchased by a Mumbai based corporate house having interests in telecom, financial services, power and infrastructure and entertainment.

That description covers how many corporate houses?? Exactly ONE!!

And that corporate house has potentially all the characteristics to have stage managed this entire show!!

Think about it… !

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