Valkyrie – about history and what could have been..

Posted: February 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Broke a dry spell and took the late night show of Valkyrie last night. Having had an early morning start, I was concerned if I could stay up through the movie. But I need not have worried. The film was captivating enough to not only keep me awake, but in fact, keep me on the edge of my seats right through, with anticipation and excitement.

War movies, especially the ones of the World War have their own charm. Although Valkyrie cannot be termed a war movie, it used the war times as the backdrop to tell the story of one bold and nearly successful attempt (out of a total of 15 such ones) to assassinate Hitler. Since it’s history and a true story, we know very well that the attempt did not succeed, and the destiny’s child that Hitler was, he survived.

But the film shows poignantly the extent of opposition to him that prevailed in the German ranks, and yet how most of them were not able to come out in the open, with their objections / opposition to Hitler. The film also goes to show once again, the intricate web of control that Hitler set for himself, which was one of the strengths on basis of which he commandered over his forces, even as he led them with this all conquering ambition that took no prisioners!!

If only the attempt had been successful, how different the world could have been today.. ?! Quite a hypothetical, rhetorical question now.. !

Tom Cruise does an excellent job and its really sad that he is not seen much nowadays. The supporting cast is competent.

Drama from history makes for good stories and films, wonder why film makers do not use this treasure chest more than they have done so far. This is far more engaging stuff than the fantasy make believes that we keep seeing from Hollywood too often nowadays!

  1. aritra says:

    Saw Valkyrie last nite. Loved it. Brilliant screenplay.

    Was discussing the same thing with a friend .. reminds me of the quote :

    “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness” ~JosephConrad

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