Indian Elections – sick of the politics already!

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

The election season has started. And I am not at all happy with the goings-on. In fact, I am sick of it. Already. And I know, it’s early days. And it can only get worse. I am sick of the quality of candidates getting into the fray. Sanjay Dutt – accused in Mumbai riots, Azharuddin – accused in match fixing, political progeny with no other track records, arbitrary freeloaders… ! Damn it!

In the early days, I saw some good folks (intelligent, educated, clean…) taking up the cause of BJP and working on it actively. But with the disastrous alliances or lack of them, that BJP is landing itself into, its not looking good at all. The leadership is looking weak, and allowing the Congress, the Third Force and its old allies, to take them for a ride. How can this party prevail when it shows such a weakness?

All the alliances talks are openly appearing to be opportunistic horse-trading. Already. Even before election results are out. Like there is no philosophy. Only opportunities. Damn it!

What kind of a system we are stuck in? Those who were part of a mainstream national level alliance, also want to become regional, and open up their opportunities to swing any way that they can.. as there is more value in doing so!

Yes, there are the thinking people’s candidates and parties emerging. But I am not sure if they can make any serious impact this time around. So in the meantime, with all the citizen movements, and the voting awareness that has been brought in, I am afraid that we are going to have a system that stinks. Regional parties who may assert themselves and hold the country to ransom. And potentially, smaller parties or leftist parties having a disproportional say in government formation, perhaps including the choice of a PM.

Damn it!

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