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Posted: July 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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This has been a long break for a blog post here. Is it because I did not have things to say? Guess not.

a. Have been sharing small thoughts more regularly via Facebook and Twitter.

b. I have been very busy. Is this the most busy I have ever been? Not sure, but at least for a long time.

Anyway, this is not about how busy I have been and why. This is about other random thoughts for a Sunday.

Like without the cricket season, without tennis, besides cricketers, the sport journos may as well take a break. What’s there to write about? And who cares what is written out there these days!

Like I have not got into the details, but would love to be enlightened about how the Railways could go from excellent profits and cash reserves (so Lalloo claimed) to empty coffers (as Mamata claims now) in a matter of weeks??

Like isn’t it a terrible terrible shame, the amount of hours and days that we, as a nation, spend on absolute trivialities of life? And which come at the cost of more important things that we do not do hence?

And I am not just speaking of politicians and party members (they are leaders on this ground, of course – statues and protests, name changes, why Kalam was frisked etc. etc. being prime examples!), but we, as a people, in general!

So many times, I want to stop conversations – personal and on phone – because they are meandering on nothingness. And yet we go on and on. And lose those seconds, those minutes of our precious life. I am not saying we should only talk shop. Far from it. I am just against “fretting the small stuff”!

Like slowly but surely it seems that everyone I ever knew in life (and in 45 years, you know a LOT of folks) might connect with me on Facebook. We are not quite there, but we will approach it (remember school maths: ‘tending towards infinity’ etc.!) in the foreseeable future. Isn’t that creepy?

Here’s the thought : in this crazy time-and-space scheme of things, life is like space travel. So the entire set of experiences that you are to go through in life, are already there in space. And you, like a bus go from one stop to the next, also referred to as say, childhood, youth, middle age, and so on. And each time, experience those different “bus stops” which were already there anyway.

And now, suddenly, with Facebook, all those damn bus-stops merge into one, and you are there, perhaps travelling together, with bus-stops and all! Yeah, crazy scheme of things.. isn’t it?

Coming back to saner stuff, where’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali? Long-time-no-see.. his movies, I mean! Waiting for some good ones.

And a last few thoughts about the Air Travel industry and it’s challenges:

Like historically, almost no airlines has managed to make consistent profits, most in fact, have lost money. And yet, people keep investing and putting up new ones. And hoping to make a lot of money. There must be some lure, perhaps an ego kick, about “owning an airline”.

Like with the low cost carriers serving food at cost in the flight, air hostesses have more work to do. Take orders, serve, take money, give change. All in the matter of the 1-2 hour flights on most domestic sectors. I am sure this is at no extra pay for them, in fact, with the recession and job losses, many might have taken a pay cut! But that is a representation of the recessionary times. Work harder, make lesser, survive!

Like, what’s the big deal about Kalam getting frisked? If privileges of security check waivers are given to all-and-sundry (and this is nothing personal about Kalam – he is a phenomenon), just because they have been in certain positions or are married to the positions, it only poses grave security risks, to the passengers on board. TOI reported that Robert Vadra, son-in-law of ex-Prime Minister, also grandson-in-law or ex-Prime Minister, besides other unofficial power connections, is exempt from being checked at airport security. The same Mr. Vadra, on whose farm house, his father was “found dead”, a news bit which was totally clamped down in the press. And he has security check waiver. Wonder which other ‘privileged’ folks have similar benefits?? You still want to fly on them planes??

Many questions, no answers. Like a typical Sunday. Like a typical life. By the Monday, I’d have forgotten these questions exist, and would have got back on the treadmill… C’est la vie. Cheers.. !

  1. Samudra says:

    “And now, suddenly, with Facebook, all those damn bus-stops merge into one, and you are there, perhaps travelling together, with bus-stops and all! Yeah, crazy scheme of things.. isn’t it?”
    Lol! Very true!

    But imagine what would happen if twitter followers joined you on that bus-stop-journey! 😀

    • Sanjay Mehta says:

      Well, Samudra, with Twitter followers, it is different. These are fellow travelers on your bus, largely strangers, but with whom, on a journey, like a good traveler, you make small conversation. Not quite the same as the other analogy, or people you intimately know, and suddenly all of them are together with you!

      Interesting times we live in, surely..

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