Love Aaj Kal: a fun film, but just about..

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In the film business, success makes one more insecure and hence superstitious, I’d believe. Take the title of the film, Love Aaj Kal, for example. Imtiaz had his earlier hit, Jab We Met. 3 letters with Hindi-English mix. Worked well that time. Repeated in Love Aaj Kal! Well, so be it.

I never saw Jab We Met in the theatres, and saw it in bits and pieces, when it came on TV, few times. So I never had a great view on Jab We Met, though I know many, including few in the family, who absolutely loved it.

For me then, Love Aaj Kal was my first Imtiaz Ali experience.

And I liked it.

It had it’s shares of good and bad, so I will not call it fabulous, but it’s a decent return on your investment of Rs. 500 (2 pax, tickets, predictable popcorn and cola) + 4 hours of time!

So let me just slice down the good and the bad.

First, the good:

1. It’s the timing. When no good films are coming in, anything with a semblance of goodness works.

2. Deepika. She looks good. She doesn’t sound good. For that, refer to the ‘bad’ list below.

3. Saif. Keen actor. As producer too, he tries hard. Actually quite predictable. But scores points for trying. Don’t ask about the creases and the age that’s showing now. That too is in the ‘bad’ list below.

4. Rishi Kapoor. Makes his presence felt nowadays, in all these character roles. Singing and dancing in his hey days probably never did justice to his acting abilities. He is shining now, in these interesting roles that he gets.

5. Story and direction. Manages to hold you to your seat. Does not get boring. You don’t start seeing your watch.

6. Locales. Yes, everyone’s learned from Yash Chopra now. Show people great scenes, take them around the world, and they’ll like it. Works here too. Love some of them London and California shots. Delhi’s a bit overdone.

7. Coup de grace: I like it when directors come up with a creative stroke of brilliance. Farhan Akhtar did it in Dil Chahata Hai, in the way he created “Woh Ladki Hai Kahan..”. In Love Aaj Kal, Imtiaz does it in the way he has shown the young Rishi Kapoor (will not tell more, as don’t want to spoil it for those who have not seen the film). It was new and different and creative. Liked it.

And now the ‘not so good’ parts (‘bad’ may not be very politically correct!):

1. Deepika. Can directors please have her voice dubbed? Nothing wrong with her voice, it’s her accent that is so jarring. Be it English or Hindi. If Katrina could have it dubbed, why not Deepika?

2. Saif. The creases are showing. The effort to keep looking like a 25-year old is showing up.

3. Saif. Does not carry the Sikh look well. Passable. But there are scenes  where he looks and acts very un-Sikh-like!

4. Music. Nothing to write home about.

So it’s a 7-4 verdict and which is why the final pronouncement was a “fun film” tag.

And yes, to carry the pun ahead, I saw it at Fun cinema in Chembur, which is now a walking distance from home.

Also saw the preview of Kaminey. Have not been a big fan of Shahid Kapoor (like many are) but eagerly waiting for this one, on account of one of my favorite film makers, Vishal ‘Maqbool’ ‘Omkara’ Bhardwaj!

  1. Nish says:

    I hated the movie…found it incredibly difficult to sit through. The performances were okaym I actually liked Deepika. But the movie itself was too flat for me…

    See my review at:

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