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Posted: October 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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This is the first day of my 47th year on planet earth.

Yes, its been a while since I have been around 🙂

And yes, it was my 46th birthday yesterday.

Unfortunately, spent most of it in bed. Laid low by what seemed to be “internal fever”. Body ache and stuff. Maybe the body just demanded rest. And I had to give in. Fair enough. I was sleeping enough to not use that time, to reminisce about the years gone by. No, have not strayed that path. Lest it lead to pain 😉

Finally be end of the day yesterday, generated enough strength to get out, and take a break. Went and saw ‘Julie and Julia’. I had 3 clear reasons why I went for this film:

a. Needed that break on the birthday after spending the day in bed, and didn’t have strength to walk around, so sitting in a cinema was about the best I could do,

b. There is absolutely no other movie worth seeing, as far as I am concerned,

c. Meryl Streep. I am a huge fan. Recently reconfirmed after seeing Mamma Mia on TV few days back.

On top of that, had read a brief review and liked the concept.

Well, the film turned out to be a lovely one. Very simple in concept. And inspiring.

Spread across two periods of time (I like the way these new film models are emerging.. saw it to an extent earlier in Rang De Basanti), its a story of two women. Who find their calling in cooking. And about how that one passion gives meaning to their lives. And makes life worth living.

I found inspiration in this simple message. About finding that calling that drives you. About setting deadlines and making it happen. About recognizing your own pitfalls and putting constraints on yourself so you can overcome those pitfalls. And of course, about food. Enjoying it. Especially the desserts 🙂

Other than the movie, was happy to receive loads of sweet messages from friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. On phone, on Facebook, on SMS, on Twitter, on Email. From close friends and family, to some long lost ones, and to some stray contacts made via Twitter and FB. Well, they all took the effort and I am so thankful for their wishes and their thoughts.

And then I got so many of those automated business greetings. Well, we end up leaving our date of birth at so many places nowadays, when we fill forms of all kinds. And then some of them convert it to an automated birthday message system (we’d done it earlier too.. lol). Unfortunately, most of them are so boring. Some of them use even this opportunity to pitch some sales. Really! They must grow up, right? We’re talking of Web 3.0 and these guys are still on Email 0.1 looks like?!

One of them was a little different. They actually picked up the phone and called. Not an IVR.. thank God for that. But a real person, with a real warm greeting. And managed to stand out.

Which is what each of us needs to do. Stand out. Be different. Be counted for the unique individuals that each of us are.


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