Last couple of weeks, I have not viewed new films. Wanted to see London Dreams, but then a Facebook review by a friend sealed its fate for me. I wasn’t venturing into that one.

Read the reviews of the relases for the day. Jail, then some long name movie of Ranbir Kapoor, and The Informant.

Although I take newspaper reviews with a HUGE pinch of salt, and if it is by Avjit Ghosh in the Times of India, I completely reject it, but with all that, there is a view of what the film could be like. And Nikhat Azmi’s reviews today are giving me some hints:

1. That Madhur Bhandarkar is doing via cinema, what Arthur Hailey used to do with books. Get deep into a sector and give us the reality view there. We read all of those Hotel, Hospital, Airport and others that Hailey dished out, and which made for compelling reading, and a deep understanding of the business there. And Madhur, via Chandni Bar (the bar girls’ and the bars story), Page 3 (the dirt behind the glitz revelation), Fashion (what the industry is really about) and the like, has been giving us those insights now. And this time, he is taking us inside the Jail. Not the decent Teen Deewarein style jail of Nagesh Kukunoor. But the dirty, overcrowded jails that are a norm in most parts of India. Now if there is a good story too, it might just be excellent cinema. Looking forward to seeing this one.

2. The other thought is about Ranbir. Or lets say Ranbir vs Neil Nitin Mukesh, just for example. Their grandfathers were very close friends and colleagues. In fact, the latter’s grandfather was the “voice” of the former’s! Then, their fathers went different ways. Nitin Mukesh at best, was a moderate success. That is only to be not uncharitable. Rishi Kapoor on the other hand, was perhaps the best Kapoor actor, bar none. Made a lot of films. Danced, romanced. Very popular. But did not win serious accolades for his acting, and in multi-starrers, he was usually the second lead. In spite of his charm and success. In fact, he is delivering some of his best roles in his second coming now, as a character actor. In fact, Rishi Kapoor never won awards, till he was given a lifetime achievement award recently. More like a consolation prize 🙂

I fear that Ranbir might be headed the same way. And it can be his choice, and nothing wrong with that. But if he is a keen actor and wants to also create a good body of his work, then he must choose his projects better. More of these dumb ass fare, and he will get slotted into a romantic hero like his father, while Hrithik, Imran, Neil and others go after the really great roles.

So by the way, you’ll get the picture on what I think about the Ranbir-Katrina flick releasing today. I’ll pass.

3. Finally, The Informant! sounds good. Like a real story, and not some make-believe, out of this world fantasy. I will strive to see this one too.

4. Then there is this film that I want to see, but have no clue if it is playing, and where. Our Oscar nomination for the year, the Marathi film, Harishchandrachi Factory. Or something like that. This story of Dadasaheb Phalke, I am sure, will be an awesome inspiration. People who break boundaries, chase their dreams, and create history, like Phalke did, make for great viewing (or reading), and which is why, I’d love to see this one. As soon as I find out where and when!!

What are your plans for weekend movies?

  1. I was planning to go for ‘Ajab Prem Ki…’. People keep ‘uchalofying’ Andaz Apna Apna while talking about this film, so was/am kind of interested in seeing it.

    I have a different view about the Ranbir – Imran competition. Imran has gone from Good (JTYJN) to Yuck (Luck) (and brain dead in the middle – Kidnap)

    On the other hand, Ranbir has gone from Saawariya (whuh??!!) to Bachna.. and Wake Up Sid which are, while not great, at least bearable.

    I think Ranbir’s choice of films seems to be infinitely better than Imran’s at least as things stand today.

    • Sanjay Mehta says:

      Should I say, “like there will never be another Sholay, so also there will never be another Andaz Apna Apna”.. lol.. ! Good luck to you, on Ajab Prem Ki..

      Well, with regards to Imran-Ranbir, my point is that Ranbir is getting overexposed in mediocre stuff, and while Imran may not have got another JTYJN, he is taking of a mix of projects, and giving himself a chance to deliver different kinds of performances. Likewise for Neil.

      I think Ranbir is very competent. My wish for him is that he gets diverse projects and achieves levels that his Dad missed out on.. !

  2. […] was seeing Jail with a fair bit of expectations, given my general respect for Madhur Bhandarkar, and the type of movies he makes, where he goes […]

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