A microblog summary of the TiE Entrepreneurship Summit 2009

Posted: December 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I attended the TiE Entrepreneurship Summit 2009 (#TES09) at Mumbai recently. For a change, I shared my thoughts and observations of the event, via a series of “microblogs” rather than a full blog post. Here’s the compilation of these tweets. As in any blog, to make sense of the sequence, read from bottom to top 🙂

  • Ok,so that about summarizes #tes09 for me.. oh, met a LOT of people. So starting new contacts, new connects on LinkedIn.. lol..
  • Food was good, chai and ccd coffee, goli vada pav with his variants, cookies, biscuits, bottled water.. arrangements were all good. #tes09
  • Attended a Social Media round table for charter members at #tes09 – interesting. Think there is a huge gap in “understanding” SM all over!
  • Conspicuous by their absence at #tes09.. delegates and charter members from US, whom I hv seen in much larger nos previously.. #recession ??
  • The hottest event at #tes09 was surely the R D Burman special evening, with Pradeep Udhas, Manohari-da etc. (check http://bit.ly/emZMm)
  • sorry.. I mean, Ratan Tata – Narayan Murthy inaugural  interaction with Shekhar Gupta #tes09
  • Damp squib event of #tes09 was the Ratan Tata-Nilekani interaction by Shekhar Gupta. Blame it on Shekhar though. Didn’t draw them out much..
  • Other good talks (for me) were Nilekani on UID, Devdutt Patnaik, desi jugaad of Venky (Goli Vada Pav), Kunwer (Su-kam), Nirmalaji.. #tes09
  • The rockstar speaker was Kishor Biyani. Cuts to the chase, knows India, knows consumer, speaks his mind. Very impressed. #tes09
  • Speaking of Ghajni though, was impressed by the style of 1 entrepreneur. After intro, he took pic with everyone he met. Neat. #tes09
  • There was one guy, Marshall, who took the cake. Stuck his hand EIGHT diff times, to make an intro. Ghajni, what? No memory?!! #tes09
  • Good to see mgmt students at #tes09 except at times, they barged in. Wud interrupt a discussion to get yr card. Like #telemarketing 😦
  • In fact, know a few first time visitors who were completely bowled over by the event. #tes09
  • First time visitors to a TiE summit enjoyed the range of the speakers. For regulars, speakers at #tes09 were like – seen them, heard them.
  • So hair fall is a big issue for sure. Not seen so many balding heads under one roof ever as seen at #tes09 lol..
  • The most common word used at #tes09 was jugaad. Already feeling sick of that word.. bit much, but then it trended there!!
  • The attendees at #tes09 were a real mixed bag. Mgmt students, medical docs, strategy advisors, fin cons, besides usual suspects – IT, dotcom
  • Bazaar style road attempt with vada pav, chai, sing-chana, etc. was good. But space was cramped. Not much room for offline meetings #tes09
  • So #tes09 was in MMRDA, in an air-con large tent. But challenges here – uneven ground, non-uniform cooling, temp (though good) toilets..
  • Would have been good to have had #tes09 in a hotel, but I guess, attendee nos. were too high. Oh, for a great Convention Center in Mumbai..
  • #Tes09 in the end, was very well organized, kudos to Sreedhar, Manak, Zee and the rest of the TiE Mumbai gang!
  • Considered doing a blog to summarize observations of #tes09, but think Twitter is better! So here goes..

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