Priyadarshan’s Aakrosh with Ajay Devgan: tight and powerful

Posted: October 16, 2010 in bollywood, Movie Review
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Priyadarshan claims to have not ‘directed’ Aakrosh. He claims to have ‘filmed’ it. If you go by the titles…

Well, film or direct, he has made a good movie, and I enjoyed this power packed, action thriller!

A 10-30 pm show on a working day is a film’s challenge – to keep me awake and attentive. Aakrosh not only kept me awake, but it also kept me engrossed, right from the word go, and till the end. This speaks for excellent editing, where no scene was ‘wasted’. From making comedies, Priyadarshan makes an excellent transition to a reality inspired, action drama.

The story is inspired by the scores of ‘honor killing’ realities that one reads about in the papers. In places like UP, Bihar, Haryana, Delhi, Jharkhand, etc. All those stories make you aware that this is a reality even in modern day India. But for city folks like us, to get a close view of the reality, is shocking, to say the least. That some people in power can so easily take the law in their hands, not care two hoots for media, nor for the CBI or the Centre, and pretty much continue to live their lives, on their own terms, is unnerving. Is this modern India? And if so, why is it that way? Why have we remained these two distinct countries?

What works in the movie?

The story line is thrown open right at the outset. Not much ramble to take you to the core point.

Except for the one romantic song between Ajay and Bipasha (must have been an after thought to cover the box office?), rest of the scenes and the locales look very real.

Even the smaller characters have been developed well, and appear to be very realistic of that life.

Some great action scenes are shot. One awesome foot chase with Ajay going after a goon, is brilliantly captured. In his debut film, Ajay had put his two legs on two motorbikes, and standing on these two moving bikes, he had made an appearance. That was a great scene. In Aakrosh, he stands atop a running jeep, in similar fashion.

Ajay Devgan is a perfect natural for such roles. He has done many similar characters in the past, and does very well, here as well. Akshaye Khanna is good too. Bipasha has a small role. Not much to do.

Paresh Rawal returns to his naughty villain role types. And puts a smashing performance in that.

Overall, the film worked for me. This is the kind of cinema I enjoy.

And I reckon, you might like it too.. !

  1. srinistuff says:

    Hmm..interesting… Must watch then… P.S It’s “inspired” by Missipi Burning hah?

    • Sanjay Mehta says:

      Not sure about the inspiration.. could be. Our country’s problems are unique, so if there was an inspiration, it might have been at one level only, I guess..
      – Sanjay

  2. Tanweer says:

    I think i too share a love for the movies like u do…

    loved ur reviews and non-bollywood articles too, indeed explored ur archives section…

    lately did not see much movies but of which i hav seen recently, loved Udaan and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes a lot, in fact felt i can write a book on sherlock Holmes–was blown by it..

    whats ur take on both the movies ?

    Beside this plz do a crazy blogger’s article on pfc — Magik hes is crazy

    was thinking of avoiding Aakrosh but may b worth a watch after ur review.

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