The relativity factor: all about perception again..

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday afternoon, a client call came, and I needed to visit Pune for a meeting today.

I started thinking, what all commitments I needed to adjust, if I had to make it happen. Finally got things together, and planned to visit.

Called the driver early, the wife packed me a good bottle of water, etc. And I started out to Pune, a place outside of Mumbai.

I never think twice like this, when I travel within the city, nor do I carry water or anything in particular, while traveling within the city. No matter how far I am going, or how much time it will take.

In this case, we reached my destination in Pune, in exactly 2.25 hours, probably around the same time that I’d take, if I were to travel to say, Malad West, during rush hour.

But Malad West is “within Mumbai” and Pune is outside.

I was asked by few people who knew that I went to Pune yesterday, as to “how was the Pune trip”. They never ask me, how my trip to Colaba or Bandra was.

Distance like time, is then, a matter or perception. Even in this world that is shrinking – in distance and in time!

What’s your take?

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