27th day going.. in spite of the various reasons..

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today’s going to be the 27th consecutive day.

It is a change happening in life, and my frequent mentions of the same, is a way to acknowledge the change! So bear with me, on this.

As I think back to previous attempts to be regular, and where I failed, and how different it has been this time, I can see some clear factors.

In these 27 days also, there have been enough issues where I could have taken a break. To my mind, it would have been justification enough. At least the way that I used to approach the same goal or resolve earlier, these factors were justifiable for taking a break.

What kind of issues I am referring to?

The slight pain in the knee..

That niggle in the ankle..

The cold and the cough, and the slightly sore throat..

The slightly early meeting that I needed to attend at work..

All of these were reasons earlier, to give the morning exercise routine, a miss.

This time around, I have not allowed myself such alibis.

Of course, if it was a really bad knee pain or ankle pain, I would have had no choice but to take the break. But I think, even on previous occasions, when I had succumbed to such excuses, it was never a bad paid or a bad throat. The early meeting at work was usually not that early, where I could not start 30 minutes earlier, do my morning exercise, and still make it to the meeting.

But those days, I was looking to take a break.

This time around, I am looking to make it happen.

So the break, as and when it happens first, will BE for a definitely unavoidable reason.

And therein lies the difference this time.

Have you tried to work on a good routine but failed? Kept going back to old ways? Or you succeeded? Love to hear about your experience. Do share in the comments below..

  1. knot2share says:

    I have tried many times to work on a good work-out routine. Sometimes I do, but many times it fails due to lots of reasons. When I had a health scare, that is when I became very serious for a while. And I don’t think we should wait till that moment to get serious. All of us have this active and not so active period and it is but natural. So there is not need to justify that to anybody. We need to decide what is important. If the body says that some part is aching, we have to look after it and not ignore. I am sure we are sensible enough not to carry on being lazy in the name of a “pain”. We have paid the membership fee, haven’t we? Why waste that? If we are back to our old ways, then I think the way to get back into it is by taking small steps. Let us try and be regular twice a week for sometime. Then increase one more day and so on… I am sure it won’t be a hard thing to back into being active. Only we can look after our health and nobody else :-)…………….Now this is just not for you. It is more an advise that i am giving myself through a feedback to you :-)….Apologies for taking the space. I hope you feel well soon on your knees and get back to being active. Good luck! Maybe I will check on you once in a while to see how you are going with your exercise…heheh!

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