Should Tiger Woods also stop playing? Guess not..

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Earlier I wrote about my one sporting hero, Roger Federer, and figured that he’d be better off retiring from the game now.

Would I feel the same way about one of my other sporting heroes of all time, Tiger Woods??

We all know in recent years, Tiger Woods has gone through a lot!

Most of it, away from the golf course..

Most of it all being his own fault as well..

But he is coming back to the game. And gradually doing better. Slowly but surely, he is not becoming an embarrassment on the course. And I am really happy for him.

Because whatever else got him into the news in the last couple of years, I would like to remember him always, as the best golf player to walk a golf course!

I am not a golf player. Well, not so far.

But I love to see the game. At the highest level. And I have spent many hours watching some or the other Masters, and most times, Tiger used to be a part of the game. And I have loved some of the mind-boggling shots that I have seen him play. Some of them were unbelievable. Like God came down, took the ball and parked it to where Tiger wanted it to go, as otherwise there was no human way to get the ball there!!

Yeah, that’s the Tiger I want to remember. Not the one with an overactive libido.

So he may not win as many of the biggies now, but then golf was never about dominating and winning all the different championships. The number one status in golf is about being more consistent than others. No one can seriously expect to win them all, in a year, or anything even close to that.

So as long as Tiger is getting into the groove again, and since golf is so much more about the mind and the temperament, and if he manages to get those back, then I do believe that Tiger will be back in the reckoning, as one of the top golf players in the world.

Just as he mismanaged his personal life and had no one else to blame, now, to get back to peak levels also, it is entirely upto him. As unlike most other sports, golf is all about the individual. You are not fighting anyone else on the field, you are fighting your own self. Which is what fascinates me about this sport, than anything else.

I am keen to see Tiger Woods at his golfing best. I want him to keep playing.. !!

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