Volkswagen India: German Engineering a little Jet-lagged??

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It’s been fascinating to own a Volkwagen Vento.

It’s NOT been fascinating to deal with Volkswagen personnel, including the dealer and the service garage.

I’ve had my problems with the VW dealer (VW Mumbai East, located in Chembur). In fact, I would easily call them the worst car dealer I have ever experienced, and particularly the most apathetic. Especially the manager who really couldn’t care less.

But I want to put that behind me, so I will not go into those gory details.

Here’s the fun part.

This is the sweet little handwritten letter that we got, from the VW representative, last week:

In fact, this letter came in a cute box, which also had a gift – an electronic clock:

Really sweet and nice of VW, wasn’t it?

In fact, sometime back, I had also received a similar handwritten letter from the same VW rep, asking me to hang on, as the car was on the way!

Maybe it was being sent by the VW engineers who did not want to let the vehicles leave the factories, as they loved it so much:



The first handwritten letter that came to me, informing me about the delay, and asking me to be patient, came about ONE MONTH AFTER I HAD ALREADY received the car! 

I laughed it away a a slip on their end! 

But now, when I get this new letter, of course, along with a nice box and a gift, THREE MONTHS AFTER I HAVE RECEIVED THE CAR, I am flummoxed. You can see the date that he has mentioned on the letter (above). 

I should be happy about the gift. And hey, maybe another 2-3 months later, there may be more – perhaps a bigger gift – to follow. So I wonder if by writing this piece, I am losing the opportunity of getting few more free gifts?! 🙂 

But then I realize that I don’t need to worry. 

If their right hand (this CRM piece on writing to customers on account of late deliveries) does not know what their left hand (deliveries) is doing, I cannot expect them to read a blog post like this, connect it to my record, and NOT send me more gifts..! 

So is that perfect German Engineering jet-lagged in India??

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