Sure, children still play games in Mumbai schools!

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized


The bell rang and the school recess was over. The children of class V-B came running back to their classroom and settled into their seats.

The teacher, Mr. Patil walked in to the room. The class quietened down, as he put his book on the table and looked at them.

Teacher: “Good afternoon, children.”

Children: “Good afterrrrnoooon, Sir.. “

Teacher: “So are you all ready for the Games class? As you know, today we are going to play cricket!”

Children: “YESSSSS”

Teacher: “Ok, but first you need to do some warm-up exercises”

Teacher (continuing): “First, you need to do your neck exercises. Move your neck slowly, all the way to the left, and then back to the centre, and then towards the right. Do this slowly, and continuously, for 5 times!”

Children start doing this.

There are some sounds of “ouch.. hey, watch it.. “ etc.

Teacher (shouts): “Go at the same slow pace, will you’ll? You know there is only 6 inches between your heads.. if you don’t go in synch, you will hit each other’s heads!” 

And the kids do it better..

Once they are done with the neck exercises, they need to do the next one.

Teacher: “Ok, next you are going to exercise your fingers. This is extremely critical. Lift up your hands like this. And with the hands held up, close your fingers into a fist. Tightly. Then open up wide. Then again close. Do this slowly, 20 times.. “

Children start doing that.

Teacher: “Good.. do you have your cricket kits ready?”

Children: “YESSS, SIR.. ” 

Teacher: “Ok.. you know what form of cricket we are playing today, don’t you?”

A child: “You mean, T20 or T10?”

Teacher: “No, I don’t mean that kind of format. I meant, Android or IOS.. Today we are playing the Android version of the cricket game on your Android phones. Not your iPhones. So you have your Android devices in your kits, right?” 

Children: “Yes, sir..”

Teacher: “Ok, then, go ahead and play.. !”


Meanwhile, A K Hangal who lives nearby, and who has failing eyesight now, begins his walk past the school compound.

As he passes by, what used to be the school playground, he asks, “Itna Sannata kyu hai, bhai? Bacche khel nahi rahe? Aaj chhutti hai kya?”

The school watchman says, “Chachaji, aap bahut din ke baad aaye ho, aisa lagta hai? Ab yaha koi ground nahi hai, aur koi bacche yaha khelte nahi hai!” 

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