Congress vs Anna Hazare, Vodafone vs Dhaval Valia: underestimating the groundswell?

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Anna Hazare and his friends took on the Congress. Enough is enough, with the corruption levels, they said.

Dhaval Valia, a customer of Vodafone, cribbed and screamed about the pathetic service levels, and incorrect claims, on service offerings, of Vodafone.

There are similarities about how the Congress and Vodafone reacted. Conversations in the Congress office / Vodafone office:

1. “Don’t worry about him, he will go away…”

2. “What can a single person do?”

3. “It is a BJP-RSS (Congress) / Competitor (Vodafone) conspiracy..”

4. “Lets just crush him down with our government / corporate machinery..”


And then,….

5. “Oh my God, he is getting mass support..”

6. “Oh, there are candle light protests everywhere (Congress) / Facebook and Twitter protests everywhere (Vodafone)”

7. “How did this happen? How did a single person generate such following, so much support..?”

8. “We have to back down.. we have to to fix this.. we need to apologize.. we should wave the white flag.. ”

If there were elections right now, Congress would land up where Karuna’s done in TN.

If Vodafone had pushed the case against Dhaval Valia further, it could well have resulted in the biggest exodus out of Vodafone.

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