One more film, one more boycott..

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It’s become fashionable to find faults in a film and protest till the film has to cut scenes (no matter what that does to the story) or have the producer apologize or pay-up! It appears that every other film generates some such reaction, from some part of our country.

Can anyone stop and think that the film is “fiction” after all?! That its a story line, and in a story, you can have positive and negative characters, and positive and negative emotions as well..

Why is it that people freak out, and take all films and film stories so sensitively?

What if this becomes a trend, and extends beyond objections to “Bombay” or about reservations, or about Karnataka…? What if ordinary people also get sensitive to the portrayals on screens?

Imagine the possibilities:


1. The ladies outside the theatre were shouting loud slogans. When the TV reporter put a mike in front of them, the leader said, “how can they have such scenes in the film? It is a complete insult to all of us. What will the world think of us?”

As she said these, the other women started shouting in chorus. “Yes, yes, this film must be banned. Down with the film.. ”

After a lot of the sloganeering, finally the reporter was able to get the actual, final reason for the protest, from the leader…

“We hear that there are scenes in the film where a mother-in-law is shown mistreating the daughter-in-law. It so damages the reputation of all mothers-in-law. Seeing the film, no daughter-in-law will like to maintain relations with the m-i-l. In fact, they will take the son and walk away to stay separate. This film is having such dangerous connotations. We cannot allow this. They have to cut those scenes, change the story line, or we will not allow this screening… ”

2. The scene outside Rahul Cinema was very strange. It appeared as if all the black marketeer ticket sellers were gathered outside the cinema, and were selling tickets only at this one theatre.

But wait, they were not really selling tickets.

The tight T-shirts, handkerchief bandana wielding “bhais” also had some posters and banners in their hands. In their typical language, they had the messages out “Is philum ko aapun nahi chalne dega, kya?!” and “Saala, ye philum laga to usko khalllas kar dega, samjha kya..?”

The petite TV reporter looked like a midget in between the bhais. But she managed to get her question in, amidst the loud shouting of “down with the film” that they were doing.

She said, “sir, but why are you asking for the film to be pulled down?”

Bhai: “ae taklya, ye kya bol rayli hai re? usko samjha, ye koi inglis gherao nahi hai. Bhai ke saath bambaiya baat karne ka, kya?!”

She gets it. And attempts “Sir.. ye film aap kyo rukvana chahte ho?”

Bhai: “Rokego hi na, saala.. apun ki bhi koi ijjat hai.. ”

He continues: “Is philum me bhai logo ko comediyan jaisa bataya hai.. kya hum log itne ch**iye hai kya? Isko dekhne ke baad public aapun se daregi thodi? Mazak karegi aapunka.. ye pikchar ko to hum bandh karvake hi rahenge.. koi bhi is pikchar ko dekhne jaayega to usko hum khullas kar denge..!”

And scenarios of this kind.

What do you think? What will be the next protest?

It’s a little late. But I was thinking I could still protest against Rocket Singh Salesman. As a marketer, it was little insulting.. Maybe I can block the home video release? What say?

  1. yohan bahl says:

    uncle yohan here amolis friend. i love reading your blogs they’re so entertaining. i’ve been reading them ever since amoli told me about this website.

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