Don’t protest via governments: give the westerners back in their own way!

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There have been a fair number of recent cases where Americans and Britishers have rubbed the Indian sensitivity, the wrong way.

This has come from different quarters. From the funny folks like Jay Leno, the VP Cheney, and then some others.

India, with all of it’s secular feelings, needing to ensure that no community, no caste, no group feels hurt, tends to protest at all of these jibes that the western world likes to take at it. This is more visible in election years, as the government can earn whatever brownie points that it can, with different constituencies of people!

And seeing these protests, the world is probably grimacing at us even more, poking more fun at us. As really, these protests are not going anywhere, and if anything, we look even more like a backward country, with no sense of humour.

So why not give it back to the Brits and the Americans, in their own coins? Let’s give it back to them, where it hurts most! And interestingly, from an economic point of view, we are at a point where we can actually poke fun at them. If only to get back at these digs that they are taking.

And the number of stand up comedy programs that we have now on Indian television, and the number of really funny characters that these have brought out, it should be easy to make fun of these westerners.

So what am I talking about?

– Why don’t we show a European beggar with a begging bowl, outside Indian embassy in Greece or Spain or wherever?

– We can show a Prince Charles lookalike English chauffeur driving his dark skinned Indian masters in a Jaguar?

– We show US techies lining up outside Indian embassy for a visa to Bangalore?

– We show employees in the US getting their pink slips, because their jobs just got Bangalored

etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, I know some of these are under the belt.

But hey, if they can make fun of our crowded streets, our Gods and temples, and holler away in pleasure, we can also give it back to them, where it hurts most. For a change, we have a few things we can use now!

And hey, it’s just for creating the balance in the situation, and for nothing else!

Far better than to have our Ministry of External Affairs write to the US government, about a Jay Leno joke. That’s such a waste.. !

  1. Wilson Mascarenhas says:

    Nice one….I believe we are already giving it back thru some of our comedy shows

  2. Ajay D says:

    I suppose Pranabda is giving it back in a more tongue in cheek manner, and you bet it hurts. 😉

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