The Legacy That We Leave..

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A visit to the crematorium makes you do this.


And as I stood there earlier this week, I pondered over the two deaths in the previous 2-3 days.

One of course, was that of a well-known person, and I read about the demise in the papers.

The other was a very dear friend whom I have known for more than 20 years now.

There is a strong emotional aspect to the latter case, but that is not what this post is about.

The connection I saw in these two deaths, was the strong legacy that both left behind.

The first one that I refer to is of course, Dr. Verghese Kurien.

My knowledge about him is from what I have heard and read in public domain, plus some insights gained from someone who worked very closely with him, as one of his early lieutenants, for upwards of three decades!

Known as the milkman of India, or the father of the white revolution, Dr. Kurien was responsible for India to become not just self-sufficient in milk production, but also become the world’s largest producer of milk. But that may sound like someone setting up a large plant for manufacturing some items.

That was not the case.

What Dr. Kurien managed was to generate huge respect, livelihood and security for lakhs of dairy farmers, by creating an amazing movement, known as the cooperative dairy sector. The model that he successfully created in Anand, was replicated in various parts of the country. The brand Amul is one of the most revered brand in India, and as they say, they have products for people, right from birth until death!

His lifelong dedication to a cause clearly impacted millions of people, and the universal acclaim and tributes that flowed at the time of his death, was an indication of the impact he created.

Here was a life lived to the full, rich and memorable. Leaving an amazing legacy.

Well, not everyone can be a Dr. Kurien. Most of our lives are far too ordinary, relatively speaking. But can we still touch many lives, leave our impact on this world..?

This path was shown by my dear friend, Dr. Mandakini Parihar, who passed away, way too soon, earlier this week.

But she too lived a rich life, consciously touching all those she connected with. Friends, family, co-workers, friends’ children, children’s friends, patients.. everyone!

As she battled the big bad C disease, the number of prayers and good wishes flowing for her, would have been massive. She was a true friend, always there, always helpful. You could go to her with any issue, and she’d always have a calm, collected and wise response / suggestion. Our kids grew up together. Clearly most of the kids in our circle had the best connect with her, felt comfort, and yet, got some of the most important lessons from her.

Her profession enabled her to virtually enable life. She was an IVF specialist, and her kind and caring interactions with her patients, endeared her to them, far more than a doctor would. That she was responsible for many of them to become parents, made her God-like in their eyes. So many of her patients felt grief on her passing away, showed how she meant far more to them, beyond her role of a doctor.

AS the tears flowed and the tributes came, I could again see how good a life Mini (as Mandakini was called) had lived, and the great legacy that she left behind.

I am inspired by both of these, and feel sad for their passing away. But I do take some inspiration from their lives and want to recognise that while death is inevitable, what we leave behind is in our hands..

  1. Our heartfelt condolences.

  2. Sanjeev Naik says:

    Very well said..sanjay

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