Inspired by the JPC, more committees are being formed..

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Lot of people are taking inspiration from the JPC.

Seeing the expeditious manner in which they complete investigations against fraud and scam from their very own group members, others have been motivated as well.

Why, they say, should they also go to police or regulatory bodies or the CBI or some ombudsman, when they can themselves investigate and settle matters out? Like the JPC so capably does.

So here are a few such committees being formed now..

  1. The Importers’ Association of India is forming the Joint Importers Committee (JIC) to investigate against any customs duties violations or possible smuggling in of goods, by fellow importers.
  2. The Stockbrokers Association of India is creating a Joint Brokers Committee (JBC) to investigate insider trading (who needs SEBI??)
  3. Sonography Practitioners of India are creating a Joint Sonography Team (JST) to investigate female foeticide complaints
  4. Manufacturers’ Association of India is starting a Joint Manufacturers Committee (JMC) to check on excise evasion frauds and complaints
  5. Chemical Industry Association of India decides to create a Joint Chemical Businesses Committee (JCBC) to check on environmental damage complaints of chemical factories.
  6. Al-Qaida and the Global Mafia Forum have created the Joint Terrorism Committee (JTC) to identify bombers and terrorists in any global terrorism activity

It is heard that many more are coming up in the same lines, indicating a generally high level of introspection by the human being, and identifying of faults within, thereby not requiring external forces to do so.

Meanwhile, in other news, the policemen’s union had an emergency meeting threatened as they were, by potential job loss if this trend were to continue..


  1. Ranjan Varma says:

    The one I know of is (real, not a joke!) is financial institutions having financial literacy committees to discuss how to confuse and obfuscate with jargons! Or use such financial literacy programs for branding/marketing platform

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