Global Citizen India Festival: The Biggest Party in Mumbai EVER!

Posted: November 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Chris Martin mentioned that November 19, 2016 would forever remain as one of the best days for Coldplay ever.

I think it may be so for a lot of Mumbaikars too!

For this was the day when Mumbai hosted the biggest party ever. About 80,000 people on their feet for close to 10 hours at a stretch, with enough energy to have a smashing time, over the last 2 of those hours, as Chris Martin and the Coldplay band entertained their fans to their hearts’ content!

What an amazing day it was.

Long walks and queues (well, we’ve been seeing a lot of these nowadays!) to begin with, but then, a rich mix of performers, leaders, stars, and some awesome people supporting some very worthy causes. In this unique approach to build awareness and action, interspersing popular culture with strong messaging, addressed to the youth. To come forward and make a difference to the world.

So a lot of great people performed, so many of them talked to the audience, it was a galaxy of great stars. So here’s a glimpse of some of the artists and the leaders and the stars who were present:

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Everybody was there. Or so it seemed!

Folks who could sit in their plush airconditioned comfort with home theatres and the like, all wanted to experience this concert, as a concert needs to be experienced. In the ground. Standing. With thousand others. Hustling and bustling. Moving your feet to the beats. With thousands of other fans like you.

So you saw Vineet Jain and Milind Soman and Dalip Tahil and Vikram Chandra and Puneet Babbar and Boney Kapoor and Sridevi and a whole bang of venture capital big shots and other media barons and corporate head honchos, all hanging out together. With the rest of the party goers!

The stage was flown in from Belgium, I understand. And it was an amazing set up. As you can see, the stage took so many forms over the evening, and especially during the Coldplay performance:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But the bestest and the classiest act, that which people had really thronged there for, was none other than Coldplay. They did full justice to the expectations of the people gathered to see them perform, with a full 2-hour show, and with all the pyrotechiques that their shows are known for, all the glitz and the unbound energy of Chris Martin!

The icing on the cake for India and Indians, was the Coldplay – A R Rehman combine for Maa Tujhe Salaam…Vande Matram! Chris Martin also picked in up and joined Rehman to sing this. Check some of the Coldplay magic here:


The crowds, oh, they had fun. There were a lot of people. They were standing all afternoon and right into the night. Working with the artists by holding up their hands, crouching down, putting their phones up with the lights on.. essentially playing along, to have a great time. And we were enjoying too. Some of our moments and those of the crowds there:


But to really experience what happened there, you need to see the videos. They’re just taking forever to upload. As and when I get around to uploading those, I will try and add the links here.

For now, this is one link to show what makes Coldplay Coldplay!!

And this is how the curtains came down on the Coldplay performance:


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