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I am amazed at the media frenzy with regards to who should be the President of India.

Why so much print is being wasted on the subject? Are the people really going to decide who becomes the President of India? Do we as people have any idea of what it takes. Agreed that it is a ceremonial position, but there are clear responsibilities that go with it. Especially at critical junctures like when President’s rule needs to be imposed. So it is a position of importance. And we cannot just recommend who we feel.

So why this whole debate with names being thrown about. Amitabh Bacchan, Narayan Murthy and what not. Please.. give me a break, will you, guys?

We are not voting on the subject. If it was only a matter of opinion, then fair enough. I would personally like Abdul Kalam to be renominated and continue.

But lets not get all speculative and wild. Next you will hear someone suggesting Sachin Tendulkar or Sunil Gavaskar’s names. Heck, we have the sheriff’s positions for those kind of acknowledgements, not the President’s please!

One is not going to miss a Vidhu Vinod Chopra directed film, especially one that comes after a seven year break. That is how, for a change, I did not wait to hear or read reviews and landed up in the theatre to see Eklavya.

And I liked this short (less than 2 hours) film. It looks like a period film, with palace / fort, the servants, guards etc. However some of the characters appear modern, and there are indications that the film is based in the 80s or 90s, in fact (there is a background shot of a film playing – that film was Parinda, which was an 80s release, if I am not mistaken). So in a way, it looked like a location where time forgot to tell them that the world has changed, and where the King still thinks that he rules!

Anyway, that apart, the taut story line has a lot of high strung emotions. Based on the value system of the royal lives, in a way! I mean, we have seen this in reality, haven’t we? The massacre in the Nepal palace is pretty recent, after all.

Amitabh is the best.
Yeah, what’s new, right?
But he’s pretty good, and its clearly his film, first and foremost. Amazing emotional communication without even opening his mouth. The twitches of his face, the eyes – they convey so much. The scene of the blind folded AB showing his skills is quite amazing.

Other than him, its Saif Ali Khan. Very mature role, well enacted. He has really come of age and should start getting more respect – like being treated as one of the Khans, along with Aamir, SRK and Salman!

They seem to be raving about Jackie. But I don’t know why. He is okay in a small role. Nothing particularly outstanding. The scene of his death is shown well. Vidya Balan looks good on the screen.. as usual, I may add!

And so now we have the Vinod Chopra regulars getting established. Amitabh was the key element here, but other than him, the regulars were there to see – Sanjay Dutt – Munnabhai, Parineeta, Mission Kashmir. Saif – Parineeta. Vidya Balan – Parineeta, Munnabhai. Boman Irani – Munnabhais. Jimmy Shergill – Munnabhais. And of course, the old and faithful Jackie Shroff.

As regards Eklavya, I think its worth checking it out.


Posted: February 16, 2007 in Amitabh, KBC, Shah Rukh, SRK

So SRK has spent a few weeks anchoring KBC. How has he managed so far?

Well, on account of the constraints of the format, it was inevitable that SRK would get compared with AB. I mean, he could not make major changes, so in the bits and pieces, are the comparison points. Which is where we found the irritants.

I mean, why would I want to ‘freeze it’ when I have been comfortable with ‘lock it’??
What is this nonsense about ‘Shah Rukh, mujhe gale lagao’ instead of ‘I want to quit’?

The giving away of the watch by SRK and such extravagances were a bit too much too.

So the early pronouncement was that “its not working with SRK”.

But then the shows went on. And people kept watching patiently. And slowly it seemed like he was getting there. We slowly forgot about the ‘locks’ and the ‘freezes’ were here to stay. Instead of ‘main Amitabh Bacchan bol raha hoon’, we got comfortable with ‘main Shah Rukh bol raha hoon, pehechana mujhe?’!

It is clear that after Amitabh, he was indeed the next best bet. His live programs have shown that he can really relate to an audience, get comfortable with them, get them involved with him, and in short, have them eat out of his hands.

It appears like he is reaching that very stage, in KBC too. The TRPs of yore may never return. But SRK may not be the one to blame for the same. Its the changing times and the changing preferences.

There are fewer people now, who want to sit and watch and Q&A program. In these days of reality shows, people would rather watch song and dance or perhaps a few guys holed up in a house away from everyone else.. ! Who bothers about quizzes? Its for the nerds, it would appear.

For that reason, the TRPs may never return, but the advertisers and the interested audience may yet get their money and time’s worth respectively.