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Way back in 2007, when 20-20 started getting popular, I had shared my views on how I thought, cricket had finally found its perfect format.

Yes, there’s lot of things that I like about the format.

That its that perfect sweet spot of entertainment, in terms of size, viz. the perfect three hours.

That it managed to engage, besides the men, also women and children. No cricket widows now.

So what do I think is going wrong?

That its become too much of a circus. An extremely one-sided game. now.

Let’s cut to American Sports, from where the 3-hours sports format seems to be borrowed.

In an NBA basketball game, there IS competition. The two teams fight it out. All players have a shot. Some games are won on defense, some on offense. There is all round play. There is balance.

An NFL American Football game is not all about the quarterback. There is throwing, there is passing, there is kicking, there is strategy, there is good defense, there is good offense. Games have a balance again.

And the World Series baseball games have a role for the batter as much as it has a role for the pitcher. Again, a well balanced game.

Which is where 20-20 and IPL are getting it all wrong now.

Its become too much of a slam-bang-thank-you-maam kind of game, with the bat significantly dominating the ball. Its like the bowlers are there, just to throw a ball for the batter to smash to any corner of the ground. It is too lopsided.

To again give an analogy from the USA, the 20-20 IPL game resembles the slam dunk contest that happens in the All-Star Weekend of NBA. While exciting to view, the reality is that the Slam Dunk contest looks good one time in the season. Just imagine how NBA would be, if every game was only a slam dunk contest?!

Well, IPL is headed that way.

And THAT is not right. For the next 1-2 years, they may not even see a dip. In revenues. Or in spectators at stadia.

But there will be boredom setting in for sure. Especially considering the fact that there is too much cricket anyway.

IPL and 20-20 cricket need to take some corrective steps. Sooner rather than later.

Make it a more competitive game. Let the ball be counted for. Let the bowlers not become mere spectators on the ground.

Before people get completely pissed off, from the game, the authorities that be, must take some necessary corrective steps.

Do you agree? Or you think we are fine the way the format is? Do share your thoughts..