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Clearly the Indian economy is doing good.

More jobs, more money flowing, more business for everyone.

Growth. For the country, which translates to growth for individual businesses.

And not everyone is able to scale up in terms of quantity and quality. And yet, the products and services that the company produces, continue to be in demand!

So what happens next?

Quality drops!

And yet, the company continues to get business. Because there is nowhere else to go, for their customers.. !

Is this becoming the norm? I am seeing more and more of this. Average quality.

And we are all accepting this.

India topped a $ 1 trillion level economy just last year. And they are talking of reaching a level SIX TIMES that number within the next 10 years!

And EVERYONE’s going to be busy! As hell.. producing, servicing, marketing, etc. etc.

Are we going to see more mediocre stuff, as businesses try to cope with growth? And if a customer is not happy, the customer can go and take a walk. And make way for the next one waiting in queue to be served..??

What do you think? Have you experienced deteriorating service levels, or you think, we are okay??