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The “versus” in the title might make it seem like it’s a battle or a game or a competition at least.

No, I do not intend to do any of that.

I am just comparing the two.. !

The starting point to this thought process is from viewing the absenteeism numbers at office, many a day. I stagger to see the number of folks who have taken leave!

Well, part of that reaction is about getting used to the fact that we are a large team now, and a small percentage of a large number, will still appear to be a decent absolute number.

But that apart, there is the second aspect. About how differently an entrepreneur thinks, from a typical employee.

I mean, I get requests for leave, because a “brother-in-law is not well”.

As an entrepreneur, I have brothers and other in laws, and few out laws also not keeping well, and I have still trudged in to work.

Or when I get a request from someone who wants to leave early because he / she has a “bad headache”!

Again, as an entrepreneur, one might be in a similar situation. And one may take a Crocin or a Saridon, or whatever, but just hang in, at the office anyway!

So I am not saying which is better or worse.

As an entrepreneur, I may think that why can’t the employee be more like me? Or should I sanction this leave at all??

Then, there is the other thought. An an entrepreneur, giving work precedence over other priorities, I might have erred, in missing out on the PTA meetings and being beside a close relative and giving them comfort when they were unwell.

Does an entrepreneur need to think a bit like an employee, about his own priorities, and does an employee need to think more like the entrepreneur in giving higher priority to the work??

Obviously the above are generalized scenarios, and there are exceptions, both sides.

Just wondering about the stereotypes here..