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This may be an interesting experiment, if you want to try it.

Go perch yourself at a decent location in a mall or a multiplex – anywhere where there are large number of footfalls. And then simply look below the waist as people go by you. Count the number of people wearing blue jeans or denim.

You will be amazed at the percentage of people wearing these. It is large!

So that popular US fabric, worn by the gold diggers of yore, has truly acquired the global stage. And most certainly the Indian urban populace.

McDonalds’s may not have yet penetrated to that extent. Nor Kellogs’. But denim surely has. And blue in particular.

Why did it happen? I don’t know. Can’t put a finger to the specific reason. Loose fitting clothes are surely more suitable in India, from the weather point of view. And yet, jeans, including tight fitting ones, have penetrated the preference priority.

Awesome success of our times, is what I’d call these.