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Public memory is short.

Wait it out, and things will be fine.

People will forget. And you will roam the streets comfortably.

These would be words of advise to high profile “criminals” from their lawyers??

So while Raju is still in jai, and so is Abu Salem and Kasab, whatever happened to some of these biggies??

1. Rahul Mahajan – drug abuse, death of Pramod Mahajan’s secretary, in a government bungalow in Delhi?? Rahul serenades women on TV, goes to Big Boss, and what not. All is well, it seems..

2. Sanjay Dutt – destroyed an AK 47, in the midst of Mumbai riots. Phone calls were intercepted. Connections to mafia don established. So what happens? Spent some time in jail. Now Munnabhai entertains the world, remarries, has twins. All is well.

3. Bhupen Dalal, Ketan Parikh, Bharat Shah – high profile names. Did they come out on bail, or were they acquitted? Are they playing the markets all over again? All is well??

4. MAK Pataudi (and also Nawab Junior) – caught red handed, killing protected wild life, in hunting case. Should have spent many years in jail. But the wife protests against Anna Hazare’s “blackmail” and the son continues to do films, while courting the beautiful Kareena. Ah.. all is well again!

5. Salman Khan – knocked over a street dweller and some black bucks too. But he’s the Dabbang, who’s now trying his hand at Being Human. Again, All is clearly well..

Of course, the Kasliwal beta got freed officially. After a heinous crime. I wonder how he will join the dinner table with the patriarchs of the family, with everyone else knowing that he molested an old woman?!!

And likewise, dear old Italian friend, Mr Quatrocchi is free as a bird. Not that he was much constrained anytime that I know of!

So what will be the fate of Mr. Kalmadi, the Commonwealth man? Or the Raja of telecom? Of course, not to speak of the man behind him, or his big fat family?? The Balwa and the Goenka and the Chandra of the space…? And of course, the one with the grandfather of all scams, valuewise, Hasan Ali himself??

Will they too just wait out for some time, let the heat die down, and then walk out on bail, on some technical ground, and then let public memory fade away??

Feel really pathetic about the law of our land, when I think about all these.

What are your thoughts? Remember others that are roaming the streets like this??