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Our family’s been on a self-imposed no-TV period, for about two months now.

The younger one is in the middle of Class X ICSE exams. And we had chosen to remove the one distraction that ate up time.

She has two papers to go now, and she’ll be done by next week. And with that this TV restriction will also go, for all of us.

So did I miss TV these two months??

Mostly not.

I know what I might have ended up seeing during this period, if the TV was on.

And I know what I’d have wasted my time on:

– Funny, but repetitive episodes of Tarak Mehta..

– Funny at times, boring otherwise episodes of Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo,

– Many of the cricket matches – I am so glad the TV was off; I have not missed ANYTHING, and I am still on cue with the WC happenings (and just in time to watch the last few games now – as TV comes on prior to finals!)

But what I did miss was:

– Sitcoms on Star World – love the funnies,

– Since the WC is on, there were no major theatrical releases of films; and while I can do without TV, I need my cinema dope! It would have been good to catch some good stuff on Star Movies and the like. BUT with the TV off, there was little cinema to be seen in the last couple of months.

As for news, I have stopped seeing news on TV, since long. Since the time, they made a mockery of the Ayodhya verdict and almost tried to incite more “reactions” from people. When people were in fact, ready to let things be.

So news on TV is not part of my life. Although I might have been tempted to see it, during the Japanese disaster. But I made up for that, with good clips on broadband Internet. So again, did not miss TV for the news!

I am penning this to also be a reference point for me. To revisit this post and remind myself, as to what kind of TV, I should not get sucked into again.

But I will like to catch up on a few of the better funny sitcoms on Star World, catch some good movies on TV, and watch the few WC games that matter now.

Ahh.. TV-land, I am coming back to you.. 🙂


The TV has been off at home, for a little more than a month now. And it may be off for at least another 3-4 weeks.

Reason for this being the board exams of the younger daughter. And the need to eliminate all distractions for her.

We had done this once before when the elder one had her boards 3 years back. So for me, it was a repeat performance.

And while when TV is on, I have my hour or so of intake (mostly sitcoms and the like), I have not missed television in this 1.5 months approximately.

In spite of the World Cup cricket going on, and all that..

In fact, the change in my lifestyle with early sleeping, being productive early mornings, getting into an exercise schedule and all, have all also happened, thanks to the TV not being around, for me.

Just makes me realize how much of my time, TV was taking up, and how little of an impact, its absence has had on my life.

Are there more of such time wasters that we all have in life? Those that take away precious minutes and hours from our day, without us realizing it? I am going to look for those in my life, and try to eliminate them.
And you?

Will TV be forever off, now that I have understood how much of a time waster it has been? I guess not. I also do not want to live regimented life. But appreciating life without TV enables me to be more choosy about how much and what to watch.