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Ours is a country where politicans make a lot more money than lawkeepers or bureaucrats. And that defines the relationship of obeyance from the latter to the former.

We also have cricketers making so much more money than coaches or umpires, that again, the relationship is defined by that one factor.

If in any conflict or even discussion, if one person has a lot more wealth, it seems to give him an arrogance that the other cannot touch / harm him. And that he has to get his way.

At no other place is this exemplified more than on the roads of a city like Mumbai.

Where the bigger the car, the bigger is the clout.

Because bigger car, usually means more wealth, and as a consequence, more arrogance.

So who cares about what the law is, or what the lawkeeper / police says?!

The equaliser of course, is the traffic. The most expensive car has to still crawl behind an auto rickshaw, if the traffic is jammed up. No arrogance, nor wealth can help him then. For that, he needs to wait for the helicopter routes to get finalized and allowed.

The only way to penetrate through bad traffic is to have a red light. On top of your car!! Even if yours is an Ambassador car then, it doesn’t matter. The Jaguar or the BMW alone does not help you to zip through the traffic!!