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When I am sitting in a theatre watching a film, and I find myself constantly shifting my position in the seat, or periodically checking the phone for email or messages, or generally being less attentive to the screen, it means that the film did not absorb me to that extent.

I found myself doing exactly that, in Saat Khoon Maaf.

After having said great things about Vishal Bhardwaj, it is unfortunate that I have to write about the first Bhardwaj film that did not work for me!

First of all, the structure of the film… like seven mini-episodes. Not sure if that works so well. It did not, for me. I would much rather have a  good single story from start to end.

Of course, this was a single story, with the central character of Priyanka, but individual husband-isodes, seemed like episodes of a soap opera. I had come to see a feature film and not a soap opera!

Priyanka herself was very disappointing. For the central, most significant role in the film, she came out seeming very ordinary, in all respects.

The film was dark too. Dark and dull.

Once you see the pattern – and well, you’d have also picked that up from media even before getting into the theatre – you could see it coming. Not leaving room for suspense of any kind, nor any intrigue. Almost becoming repetitive, and predictable.

That again, did not make the fare exciting, therefore.

Also at the end of it, I’d wonder, “so, what was the point of all this, anyway?”

With that kind of unanswered question, it is clear that the film did not work for me.

I would NOT recommend for it to be seen. Yeah, go ahead and watch the World Cup games instead.. 🙂