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The dialog goes, “Don ko pakadna mushkil nahin..”

Yes, correct. On the first weekend, at the 7 pm show, the theatre was empty. So yes, it’s not difficult to catch Don 2.

Except nobody wants to!! And with good reason.. word has already got out that Don 2 is avoidable fare. It was my mistake to land up in the theatre, and watch it!!

Some thoughts on this film:

  • When Farhan Akhtar made the first Don, he used Shahrukh Khan as the hero, and Shahrukh was already a ‘senior’ by then; so when few years later, when Farhan makes the sequel, this hero has become even older! And just does not look impressive as the Don!
  • Maybe it was to overcome the age factor that Farhan decided to make SRK ultra thin. It just backfires. He looks like a wimp. Imagine that kind of a weak look, and yet he’s supposed to be taking on hulks in multiple numbers, with his bare hands! Just doesn’t cut. A clenched jaw does not make up for the weak looking body and the short frame!
  • Amitabh as Don was impressive because of the multitude of factors – deep voice, expressive eyes, the angry look, and of course, the height. SRK can’t come close, with his hee-haw, boring and monotonous style.
  • In fact, Priyanka looks far more impressive, including in her fight scenes
  • So Farhan does go all out in terms of the locales and the style and the cinematography. If the world had not become small, and if we were not seeing enough high quality Hollywood movies with similar or better style, this would have been enough to make for a good film
  • However, that is not the case now. Style is what we get in Hollywood flicks. And while it is good to have, it is not adequate to make a film successful. More substance is necessary. Which Don 2 is sadly lacking!
  • The plot itself is weak. An elaborate charade is planned, but just not tightly enough. Too much Bollywood-esque magic ultimately, rather than a well thought out and tight drama. Also at the end, too much of the story, just given as a quick ‘explanation’. When they see so many good Hollywood dramas that pack a ‘keep-you-in-your-seat-staring-at-your-screen’ drama, why can’t they write something equally engaging?! I am surprised..
  • Shahrukh Khan has been an amazingly successful star. But is he all of ONE style? The same hee-haw way of talking? Does he not have range?? I am just getting sick of watching him on screen. Or even watching his reruns on TV. I avoided seeing Ra-one, but somehow got suckered into the theatre for this one. But will think not twice, but 4-5 times before I go for the next SRK flick!!

Overall, Don 2 is a no-no. Avoidable. Don’t waste your time or money. I already did mine.. save yours 🙂