Multiplexing Life

Posted: July 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

Today was one of those huge monsoon days in Mumbai, with heavy rains lashing at you, all day long. As I drove to work, I suddenly took notice of what I was upto.

On the one hand, I had to keep juggling the wiper controls, as the rain was not uniformly heavy, and would tend to slow down once in a while. I had to adjust the wiper speed to match. Visibility was terrible, and in addition to other vehicles inching around mine, I had to watch out for the deep potholes. So concentration was on the road too. But I was alone, and I had to listen to the music while I was driving. So I switched on the radio. But that is never enough. Once I have the radio on, there is always an urge to check the ‘other station’ as there could be a better song playing there! Or why hear an advertisement. Switch channels instead. In other words, I end up reaching out with my left hand, to keep pushing alternate knobs to try to get a ‘better channel’. And of course, during this time, the ubiquitous cell phone is around. Either it would ring once in a while, or I’d remember to make that ‘one call’ right then. So juggle your fingers, keep pressing the numbers, dial.. occasionally redial, and what not.. !

All of the above is happening simultaneously!

I have had an occasional close shave, only on account of being too distracted. Perhaps while I lunged to change the channel on radio, I did not see the pedestrian who stopped in her tracks, and I had to brake sharply! Of course, there have been other ‘incidents’. When I switched off the radio, when I actually wanted to disconnect the cell phone!

Now if my hands and fingers are so busy doing multiple things, guess what is happening in my head? In addition to thinking about all of the above, I have things on mind over and above all of the above things.

I know that a lot of the above is dangerous.. Very dangerous. Often the difference between safety and otherwise, is just a momentary distraction! But it appears that I keep taking my chances inspite of this knowledge.

Is there too much happening in life? Are we multiplexing our head and hence our fingers / hands etc. a bit too much??

  1. RPM says:

    That terrible urge to do more. More. And more.

    And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking…racing around, to come up behind you again.

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