Too much on offer? Too many choices?

Posted: July 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

Continuing from the previous post, I was wondering as to what is the reason that we try to balance so many things in life? Is it money? Is it fame? Really, no.. I do not think these are the reasons.

In fact, juggling with so many things is not just an adult phenomenon. I can see it in kids too. I remember that, as a kid, I would have some game or some new hobby, and I would have been engrossed in it for what seemed like ages. Perhaps also a reason, that I went deep enough into the same. When i was a little older, I was happy to see Chhaya Geet for half an hour on Thursday evenings, without worrying about changing channels, as in fact there were no other channels! How things have changed?! My kids would get bored with some new toy or a new hobby in a matter of hours! (well, small exaggeration herre.. but just making a point.. !)

Suddenly in a matter of few years, we seem to have just so much choice. So many things to do, to experience, to try out.. and we cannot put it off as we want it all! That fundamentally is the motivation for extreme multiplexing.. do this and this and this.. and do it all together.

100+ channels of programming on TV; the cell phone that takes SMS, MMS, allows loud speech, has hands-free operation, can also play music, etc.; the car radio and music player, with so much choice on hand; so many hoardings and messages eager to catch your eye..

In such a situation, how can we allow our one minute to go without ‘doing something’?!! Perils of technology and change, price of progress..

I admire people who, in this day and age, are able to cut themselves out for 10 days, for an experience like Vipassana (total cut-off from the world, no TV, no newspapers, no talking at all to anyone, basically in meditation, and relaxation – for 10 days!). I know of young persons, persons involved in demanding industry like I.T., who find a way to exit from the humdrum of life and take time off, for this experience. Needed break, I would believe…

  1. KB says:

    I think its peer pressure…I was not a person who liked to do too many things at a time..but seeing everyone around me doing exactly that..i felt I need to do the same…or I will be lagging behind…

  2. RPM says:

    The reasons for multiplexing are many, and are case-by-case.
    For example, I use the drive to work and back for making calls because that is one good time where I have nothing else to do but drive. Of course, then I keep my radio off.
    I switch channels because I don’t want to watch commercials, because they are not exciting here in the US. I think the Indian commercials, I used to look forward to. Here, the mind is trained to switch quickly when the commercials start.

  3. exceldream50 says:

    Multiplexing is common nowadays.You simply have no time time to do one thing at a time.Either you watching tv while talking to friends or cooking while talking,having a bite while walking to subway stations ( as no time for breakfast).One Motivational Coach said if you want to be productive, you have to multiplex….

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