Words of wisdom

Posted: February 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

Recently I met up with a very respected ex-Principal of my Alma Mater, VJTI. He was a teacher to me, during my engineering college days. It was a pleasure to meet with him.

The discussion veered to the topic of concern for most parents, viz. the future of our kids. Whether with so many options in life today, with the influence of the media and the peers, the Internet and all, are kids taking the right decisions in life. Can we as parents guide them correctly, etc.

And our professor, who has seen thousands of students go past him, and who has seen the amazing changes happen year after year, had this to say.

That as parents today, we cannot really control our kids’ lives, nor decide on their behalf. What lines will be good tomorrow, what they should do, is not easy to choose. At such times, all we can hope for, is for our kids to have good company of peers. Where they can be exposed to intelligent talk and discussion. Thereafter, what they end up doing is their choice, but based on the company, they should be lead to a good decision about their life.

I was amazed at this thought. Coming from a teacher, who I would have expected to emphasise on education and the like, this was a very plain statement, and I see a lot of wisdom in these.

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