Visit to Gurgaon

Posted: February 18, 2007 in bpo, call center, gurgaon

I had heard a lot about the changing face of Gurgaon. About how the BPO and call centre culture had got into the social thread, and how the whole place had a very different look.

Well, I had never been to Gurgaon ever before, so when I went there recently, I did not have an earlier Gurgaon to compare with. But I was quite expecting to see a place that had a western look, an almost American feel.

Well, here is what I saw.
Nice wide roads, to begin with. Like expressways.
Fabulous buildings on both sides of the road. Not exactly cramped for space. In the sense, the buildings were not congested – ample space between buildings. Well spread out. Many of the buildings had American logos hanging outside. Construction styles were very modern.

In a way, as we drove along on this road, it was reminiscent of Freeway 101, cutting across the Silicon Valley. The one big difference being the lack of greenery. Yet. I guess, they must be working on this as well, and should I go back a couple of years later, I should find the place quite green too.

This is as far as this particular road goes.

We also went to a couple of malls there. Lots of branded outlets. Reasonably big. But not nearly as awesome as I had visualised them, from the hype about Gurgaon that I had read.

Also they have written all kinds of things about the youth in the place – that girls and boys are smoking, wearing very modern (read ‘bold’) clothing, sounding American (thanks to the call centre training), etc. Well, I did not see any of these. I guess the media loves to exaggerate, and this kind of piece must make for good copy to be read. Reality is not quite there.

Of course, I spent less than a day in Gurgaon, so my observations are limited to that extent. It was nice to visit the place and see one of the happening new cities of India, anyway..

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